Being Tougher than the Times

When I decided to start writing my blog, I wanted to be authentic and real. I wanted other women and mommas to feel like they can have solace in the fact that someone is willing to write about the raw, sometimes ugly stuff and not just post “the perfect pictures, posts, and words” to align with the facade that is social media. Well, here’s another dose of reality and bitching a little bit because life is HARD, and in 2020 was the hardest, and I know that it is for all of us – no matter what we all post on social media.

I’m not posting this for pity, but more for a true look into what life is like for someone like me: a full-time working mom, a lineman’s wife, who also just so happened to have knee surgery and struggles daily with keeping the dog entertained, my wild toddler alive and in one piece, the fridge full, bills paid on time, the house clean, and what is “time for me” anyway?!

For those who didn’t already know, Mitch had been out of town for work since November 30th, and quite literally had not had a single day off until he came home Christmas Eve morning after working a 19 hour shift to finish the job. ::Insert husband appreciation quote here, because this super hero of a man had literally been working for 24 straight 10-12 hour days and I can’t even IMAGINE how exhausting that was::. I can’t express how hard it has been being a “single-but-not-single mommy” this past December – so massive kudos to the legit single moms because I don’t know how you do it. All I know is that balancing working full time, mixing in post-op physical therapy for my knee, trying to keep the house in some sort of order, taking care of the dog, all the things for Cole, keep in contact with Mitch, and everything else that comes with just being an adult – and doing so around the holidays while missing your other half has been enough stress to drive me to literal insanity. Oh, and let’s not forget the pandemic. 😂

Seriously, I just feel like I want to climb the tallest mountain and scream at the top of my lungs some days. Wishing for things to “just be easy” for a little bit. I’m sure that many of you feel this way, at least on occasion.

We truly had a great Christmas, and it was much needed. Cole had zero interest in opening gifts, but has loved many of the toys that Santa brought him. It’s funny, though, sometimes he has no interest in his toys at all and would rather just run around the house screaming, getting into everything, and being a crazy boy. In the days since Christmas, we’ve had a pretty weird few days which included an ER visit to glue Cole’s forehead back together after an incident on Sunday with a bike at Dick’s Sporting Goods 😣, and also a call to the fire company when our carbon monoxide detector went off (thanks to me for warming up the car and leaving the garage door open for too long – whoops!). It’s been an eventful Christmas vacation, and we are trying to make the best of every day we have at home as a family. Sunday is here and Mitch’s break is over – and we have to go back to living our slightly distanced life. ::cue the emotional breakdown that will occur over the next few days as I readjust – again::

Cole’s First (of many, I’m sure) ER Visit

One thing I am hoping to do in the New Year is to try harder to focus only on the good. 2020 has been mentally exhausting. We’ve all been through SO many changes in all aspects of life, and it has made all of us so uncomfortable. It’s been a scary year. For some, it’s been traumatic and sad. I am so beyond thankful to have escaped 2020 mostly unscathed, and just pray that 2021 brings back normalcy, health, happiness, and prosperity. Happy New Year to all of you, and thank you for continuing on this blogging journey with me. ☺️

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