COVID. One. Walking. And Post-Op Mom Life

So, it has been A WHILE since I’ve written, which bothers me. Today I wanted to share a short “catch up blog”, and get back into the more pointed posts soon! Id like to admit that the past few months have been tough and I felt like I was in a massive rut. COVID day #274859372 has me tired. Annoyed. Down. Glum. And all the synonyms you can think of for the expression “over it”. Sometimes it feels like life has come to a standstill due to COVID, but it hasn’t. Especially not for us.

In the Chirdon household, things have never been livelier. In the past few months, we’ve celebrated Cole’s first birthday. We’ve progressed from walking with help to RUNNING around like a wild man. Since mastering walking, he’s started expanding his vocabulary and is now regularly saying words (yes, this, that, mama, dada, book) and understanding what he’s communicating – such as demanding his favorite fruit, “ba-na” (bananas), for breakfast. Cole has also started to absolutely love his “ga”, Ellie, and often gives her hugs, well, all the time. His personality is so sweet, and so funny and spunky. I can say at this point it appears that we may have a class clown, so sorry in advance to all of our CH teacher friends.

In addition to all of that, I had to undergo my third knee surgery last week. I’ve got some unfortunate issues caused by an injury followed by decades of wear and tear – issues that usually people don’t have until they’re well into their later years of life. And I’ll spare you the medical diagnosis and prognosis, but I will say that it’s been challenging and scary. I’ve come to have a lot of mom guilt, like most moms, and I feel it. Hard. That I can’t chase him. I can’t carry him around right now. I can’t play. It’s a lot more challenging and scary when you’ve got a wild and crazy toddler on the loose, while you’re trying to heal and not push yourself to do too much too soon.

I’m going to try to get back into posting more regular blogs, because I really do LOVE writing and keeping a little virtual diary of all of the things that happen over the course of this fun time in our lives – and I love sharing it with my family and friends! So hang on tight – because now that Cole is running around, throwing tantrums, and repeating things that he hears – things are bound to get interesting…

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